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In an age where information is the treasure and the treasure house is the virtual network, security is the first casualty. You are at risk if your priorities falter. Face the threats, learn the defenses, try it yourself and be safe. PAKCON lets you witness the virtual contest LIVE!!!


A glance at the IT scene anywhere around the globe will reveal the rapid emergence of technological advancements and our complete reliance on computer systems and networks. But together with this, it is acutely observed that systems have become vulnerable to various security hazards. The main reason for the alarming increase in security perils is the disproportional rate of concentration and awareness regarding matters related with information security as compared with development of new systems and software. It is unfortunate that in the information technology sectors at the governmental level adequate focus and funds are not provided for information security issues causing serious drawbacks in systems.  

However, the picture is not so bleak, mainly because at the individual and group level, information security experts have put in considerable efforts in reducing the high vulnerability of security. This fact is acceptable that experts have utilized their technical abilities in both the directions, i.e. in hacking the systems as well as in securing the systems. But this is to be taken positively as counter measures can and have only been learnt and implemented once there is sufficient and comprehensive command on all the dangers themselves. 


Some of highly talented information security professionals belonging to Pakistan have been keenly interested in all kinds of issues related with information security. They do not only have a strong understanding of the security matters at a global level, rather they have been practically involved in the field of information security for a considerable period of time. The greatest cause of concern for these information security professionals is the lack of focus and negligence towards information security issues in Pakistan in the IT sector at the higher levels. The mainstream media which has started to cover the activities of the IT sector to a great extent, is still mute in giving appropriate coverage to computer security issues. This is the reason that they have themselves come forward to take a dynamic step in order to fulfill all the inadequacies in the field of information security.


PAKCON is the solution to all the issues related with of information security.   

PAKCON is an exclusive cyber security convention, the first initiative of its kind in the history of Pakistan IT scene. PAKCON is the brainchild of a group of capable security professionals who have employed their genius and aptitude to provide an overall extensive and comprehensive experience of information security in the form of a wide-ranging convention on information security. We at PAKCON aim to highlight all the issues related with information security and the problems faced by IT professionals, accurately and in depth. Our objective is to examine flaws with new and current technologies, finding their solutions, covering unique and interesting developments in all areas such as network security, system security, application security, web security, database hacking, trojans, worms, exploits, laws, privacy issues, wireless security, firmware hacking, hardware hacking, embedded systems hacking, credit card and financial instrument technologies, surveillance, honeypots, honeynets, firewalls, IDS, information warfare, and similar fields.   

Our goal as an organization is to explore all field of information technology in an innovative style with liberal attitude in a freethinking environment. We are well aware of the fact that there is a high probability to the level of certainty that technology can be converted from a tool of progression into a tool for repression. We intend to curb all the threats of such a nature by developing a sound and effective information security defense system that in turns daunts all hazardous actions. Our strategy is of a bold nature, instead of hiding our face from the reality of the situation, we are willing to confront all the dangers facing the IT community and provide them definite resolutions. 

We have made it a point to keep our efforts free from all kinds of restrictions and intimidations. We do not want anything to dampen our spirits and constrain our tasks. This is the reason that we have established ourselves as neutral and non- profit-oriented organization, which does not endeavor to market its products, rather deal exclusively in bringing into limelight the issues related with information security and create awareness of them among the IT community as well as the masses.

So no matter who you are and what you do, we welcome you at PAKCON to have a full-fledge security experience.

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