Pak Con I
22-23 December, 2004
Pearl Continental Hotel, Karachi




  • 30 Things I learned at Pak Con I, by Ayaz Ahmed Khan.
  • The official press release, published by Business Recorder.
  • Business Recorder had another piece on Pak Con.
  • Nizar covered the event in sheer detail. He also presented his paper on day-1.
  • M Saqib Illyas attended day-1 for a very short period and wrote about his experience on his blog.
  • Hammad spoke on writing secure .NET applications and wrote a bit about Pak Con on his blog.
  • Ayaz Ahmed Khan narrates briefly his experience at PAKCON I.
  • Reba Shahid was there on day-1 and interviewed a couple of people including me. Her article appeared on BBC-Urdu. The text is in Urdu. English translation of the article is also available, thanks to Rakesh.
  • Jang had a strange piece. Cybernet created Pak Con. That's news to me.
  • Sci-Tech World briefly covered Pak Con.

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